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Pilot Cars

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Philip Borris is a retired Nuclear Manager for the US Department of Energy.  His interest in automotive assembly practices and associated history is a result of his 40 passion for the restoration of classic cars to a high degree of authenticity.  Phil is a former technical advisor to the United Stated Camaro Club, a contributor to the publication Muscle Car Review, the Pilot Car registry and an appraiser of classic automobiles.  Phil works with Hemmings Motor News and the GM Historical society on special areas of historical interest providing technical support.   Phil's research resulted in the confirmation of the data leading to the conclusive identification of the first 1967 Camaro produced by General Motors in 1967.

Content copyright 2021 Philip Borris.  All rights reserved. Contact:  193 East Main Street PMB-205 Chillicothe Ohio 45601  e-mail:  chevstar@outlook.com

Content copyright 2020 Philip Borris.  All rights reserved.
Contact: 193 East Main Street PMB-205 Chillicothe Ohio 45601
e-mail: chevstar@outlook.com

All of the Vehicles produced by  the former General Motors Corporation at its long expunged Norwood, Ohio factory are all existing trademarks of the new General Motors Company-and while the Company is on record as being supportive of this work and its research - any and all historical marks as used here are used for identification, descriptive or illustrative purposes only.  This site is not affiliated with General Motors Company.

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As a result of the assembly research resulting from the Echoes of Norwood book project the first 1967 Pilot Camaro produced has been found!

View the story at:  www.pilotcarregistry.com