‚ÄčIf you see the Last Norwood Camaro in person rest assured that every detail of the restoration was supported by the hundreds of Norwood Plant employees that VHS taped and photographed the car forever capturing its real time assembly condition.    The restoration of the last car is therefore a fitting and lasting tribute to the men and women of the General Motors Norwood Assembly plant- all made possible because history was captured through the captivating power of the lens.

Last Norwood Camaro - Last Norwood Unit - Last Norwood Car. Forever

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The Last Norwood Unit is very likely the most photo documented GM unit build ever produced.  This distinction is certain due to the unprecedented decision made by GM management to allow employees to bring cameras and video recorders into plant at the very time when the "last unit"   "last car" was being built.  Every aspect of the unit was photographed along with every assembly detail of the build.  All captured right down to exact decal, emblem placement, paint over spray,  paint break points and even production flaws.  This level of unbiased third party photographic documentation greatly simplified the restoration task making the completion of the car essentially academic.   This car has one of a kind provenance.   It was the first car to be given   away to an employee when a GM production facility closed.   It was the only vehicle awarded by GM with zero cost-including tax liability.  It was the very last car assembled in the birthplace of  the "F" car-the Norwood GM Assembly Plant.  This red IROC-Z is a fitting end to Ohio "F" Body production from 1967-1987, meaning this car shares an unbroken production linage with the first 1967 Camaro, the great Z/28's the SS cars, 427 COPO's and the ZL-1.