The book that goes inside a General Motors Corporation automotive assembly plant-all the way to the factory floor. Here is the story of Norwood Assembly- from the first car produced in 1923 to the 8 millionth-and the last car off the line in 1987

General Motors Automobile Production During The Twentieth Century

Welcome to Norwood Assembly!   The official site of the first of its kind Book "Echoes Of Norwood".    With "Echoes" we have the parallel story of a General Motors Corporation assembly facility and the historical conditions that dominated the auto assembly industry and its operations.   Written from the prospective of those who managed and operated the assembly lines-this book brings to life and captures the essence of the proud Norwood Ohio factory that turned out some of the greatest vehicles of the 20th Century.

 "Echoes of Norwood" is featured on Hemmings Motor News Radio!   Listen to the 27 minute Interview with the Author of the book.  

This site will be expanded in the future to provide visitors a virtual museum environment-as the collector car community continues a dedicated effort to gather worker and management recollections, stories, documentation,  photographs and artifacts.   

This ongoing effort will pay lasting tribute to previous Fisher Body, Chevrolet, GMAD and CPC assembly  operations  at the Norwood Ohio facility.

Image-Right:   1967 "F" Car (Camaro) PILOT is FOUND.  VIN# N100001 was revealed for the first time to Norwood retirees on July 14th.  It arrived in a glass trailer!

Images Above:  The GM Parts Warehousewhen it was sited at Norwood assembly in 1964 and as it exists today in its current location in West Chester Ohio.  Currently operated as GM Parts Warehouse#2 (GMSPO) and the workforce is still represented by UAW 674.

All of the Vehicles produced by  the former General Motors Corporation at its long expunged Norwood, Ohio factory are all existing trademarks of the new General Motors Company-and while the Company is on record as being supportive of this work and its research - any and all historical marks as used here are used for identification, descriptive or illustrative purposes only.  This site is not affiliated with General Motors Company.

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Chevrolet Badge

and Line Speed Stopwatch

to verify the speed of the

assembly line

Fisher Body Gate Lock,  Driver's Badge, Parking card, and Identification Badge.

Image Below:  Norwood Worker Gail Mains
points to his picture at body drop with the author some 41 years later!  

Image Below: Chevrolet Pontiac Canada Group protective force arm patch.

​Image Below: General Motors Assembly Division (GMAD) employee patch "the Snuffy patch"

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Image Below:  Bicentennial Playing card set provided to employees of GMAD in 1976